Wind Lab in Ginza
Wind and Technologies in a Playful Atmosphere

Exhibition Dates : Oct 20, 2017 (fri.) to Feb 25, 2018 (sun.)
Open : 11:00 – 21:00
Admission : Free

See the Wind, Know the Wind and Feel the Wind at METoA Ginza

For this event, Mitsubishi Electric focuses on bringing visitors exciting wind encounters never before experienced, doing so based on its many years of studing the relationships between humans and the wind. “Wind Lab in Ginza” presents guests the opportunity to experience beautiful imagery and sophisticated technologies. We hope it brings you fresh surprises and brightens your day.

1F・METoA 1

You can find a range of original goods featuring the METoA Ginza logo and logo colors. The simple but stylish merchandise includes tote bags, towels, mugs, stationery and other goods available only here. Not only will they commemorate your visit, many of the items are those that you can use every day. Please drop by the METoA Ginza Shop during your next visit.

1F・METoA 1

Cherry pie resembling a windmill pinwheel spinning on a plate

At Me's CAFE & KITCHEN, dishes associated with each event have been enjoyed as a special menu in the cafe. For this event, the special dish is a cherry pie inspired by the image of a windmill pinwheel spinning in the wind. Sweet-and-sour American cherry jam is enveloped in the flaky pastry. The warm pie also pares brilliantly with cold vanilla ice cream. Plates are decorated with a drawing of an air current made of fresh cream, colorful dried raspberries, spiced chocolate, and sprinkles of pink peppercorns. The sweets are fun to look at, delicious to eat, and will make you feel like the wind. In Finland, a country famous for wind power generation, pies in the shape of a windmill are popular at Christmas time. During the winter season, we hope you enjoy a heart-warming time inside the warm cafe.

Windmill Cherry pie / Limited to 10 servings per day / 972 yen(consumption tax included).